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Post by SimonKnight »

Is it possible to convert RC5 info into something that I can use in TC?

I've got a new Arcam AVR550 but sadly Arcam is not listed in database of IR Codes I can access to emit from my Global Cache and I want to emit an "advanced function" which the supplied remote cannot, thus I can't learn it.

The Arcam addendum gives the following RC5 codes, for example

[system-command] decimal 23-6
(Data1 - Data2) Hexadecimal 0x17 - 0x06

Any idea what I do with these? Or is there another way?

Any help gratefully received

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Re: RC

Post by Dave »

I have not done this, but here's a post that might help with converting RC5 to Global Cache format.

http://www.rakocontrols.ru/downloads/RC ... RCodes.pdf


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