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GC-100 Serial Help

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Im just getting to know the app and server after using iRule for a couple of years (so I may post a bit - sorry in advance). I have a couple of issues to start off :

1, My first basic buttons on my gc-100 work fine when using the web browser on my mac but bot on my iphone, however my http requests work ont he iphone?

2. What is the correct format for hex and how do I select port 1 or port 2 for the serial? An example of my hex is \x05\x55\x19\x1D\x77 which works in iRule and looks like an example in the guide? Note its a HDMI switch im trying to work on serial port 2.



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Re: GC-100 Serial Help

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Hi John. Welcome to TouchControl! For GC-100 serial ports, you would need to create an interface host entry (using Interface Manager in TouchControl Server) for each serial port you want to use. The first serial port on the GC-100 is 4999, the 2nd is 5000, etc. Here's GC's doc on that:
Serial data is communicated over Ports 4999 and higher. Serial connections with the lowest module number will communicate over Port 4999; serial connections with the next higher module number will communicate over Port 5000, and so on.
Any button you want to send over the first serial port would use the Host created for that port, and likewise for the 2nd port.

To send a hex command, start the command with "0x:" and enter the hex values in a single string, with no separators, like this:

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In some cases you may need to combine an ascii command with a hex command. In that case in TC you would use hex tags as follows:

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Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions or problems.

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