Hot Key Help Needed

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Hot Key Help Needed

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I use this program with FalconBMS 4.33, which is a F-16 simulator game. The game runs on my PC Windows 10. And I show the displays that I want to see on my iPad Air 2 with your software version 9.0.1. I am running TouchControl Server version 9.0.1. All software are the latest versions.

I am having trouble with the hotkeys and need some assistance. I got everything else working flawlessly. The displays grab correctly and comes up on my iPad as expected. But when I hit any button on my iPad I get the following message about a script file:


I am assuming this is a function of the AutoHotKey within TouchControl.

If I choose yes it creates this script file but the buttons still don’t work:

My setup is with a second monitor to grab the Cockpit Display Extraction and is as follows:

-Win 10 Pro
-Falcon BMS 4.33
-BMS HD.key :
-TouchControl Server 9.0.1 with TouchControlServerFalconBMS with applied

iPad Air 2:
-TouchControl Version 9.0.1 with AutoHotKey upgrade

Greatly appreciate any help please!

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