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[Legacy] TV guide

Post by Dave » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:21 pm

Original post by: Kottdie

I am a great fan of this program but there is one thing I am really missing...a tv guide (epg). I hope you could integrate it in future.
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There have been a few discussions about this. You can search these forums for "program guide". Here is one discussion.

Currently, Comcast is offering an online guide web page. I don't know what is in your programming toolkit, but it would not be too hard to inject a script into this page and issue commands to your local cable box. This would be a great user interface and I assume that the content would be kept up to date by Comcast. Using a current generation iPad/iPhone the performance of this scheme would probably be acceptable -- if you have good Internet and WiFi connections.

The risk is that Comcast will change the format of their web page, requiring you to update your program. This would not be a scheme that I could use because I use TouchControl in a professional context and I would have all of my customers calling me a few seconds after Comcast changed their web page.

Maybe I am worrying too much about the risk of changes because Comcast is indicating that they offer an "App" that allows control of some of their cable boxes through this portal. If this is the case, Comcast would probably be reluctant to change the format of this page because they would be flooded with calls.
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Yea, the main problem with this for an app like TouchControl is that there are so many different providers and so many different data formats (in so many different countries) that it would be virtually impossible to create a solution that could process even a subset of them, and keep up with all of the changes in all of them. I still think that (as mentioned in the above linked post) if you can find an EPG data feed for your specific provider/location, you could generate a web page from the data, display it in a Web View in TouchControl and use the Interactive Web View feature of TouchControl to control your TV/set-top box.

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