Not Controlling some ET Devices

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Not Controlling some ET Devices

Post by jsu1995 »

About a week ago or so, I started having an issue with controlling some of my 'Even Trigger' devices via the iOS app. The commands do not work from my phone; however, I test them directly from the TouchControl Server, and they work fine. All my Global Cache stuff still works, so I thought it may be all of my Event Trigger devices, but I do have one that is still successfully working from the app using this method.

I tried it from my wife's phone, and she's having the same issue.

Is there something in the recent update that went though that may have broke this?

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Re: Not Controlling some ET Devices

Post by Dave »

A previous version did have an issue with buttons not working after linking to another activity and then linking back, but that was subsequently fixed in a follow-up version. I haven't heard of any other issues. You are welcome to send me any specifics and/or an export of an activity exhibiting the problem (to if you'd like and I can look into it.


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