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[Legacy] Volumebutton behavior

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:19 pm
by Dave
Original post by: narada

Hi Dave,
I am wondering that no one has reclaimed:
Since some time using the volume buttons won't replace the iphone volume control,
they are working at the same time. If I reduce/increase the volume of my receiver it will alsow
reduce/increase the phone volume including the IOS popup Window.
This happens on both of my iphones (5 ans 6) but not on my ipad.
Is there a setting I haven't seen?
With best regards

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Dave Arnold
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I am seeing this behavior as well. Not sure what's causing it yet. I'll dig in and let you know. Thanks for reporting.
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Dave Arnold
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Hi narada. Sorry I didn't recall this earlier, but here's the thing...Apple has deprecated the method that TouchControl and other such apps employ to allow use of the device volume buttons while not interfering with the system volume. Basically the system volume does really change, but the app quickly returns it to the previous level before you notice the sound level change. When I saw that the feature was deprecated back in iOS 7 (which basically means that they have given fair warning and can remove the capability at any point in the future), I removed it from the app. After some research, I see that there are still other apps using this functionality, so I went ahead and added it back for now, knowing that likely some point in the not-too-distant future Apple will remove it for good (I'm actually surprised it's still in iOS 9). I expect to have another release of TouchControl in the January timeframe, so look for it then. Once Apple has removed the capability, whenever that is, then there won't be much I can do at that point, other than suggest that you don't use the hardware volume button feature while you have music or other audio playing that you don't want to be interfered with. Thanks again for posting.