[Legacy] Toggle buttons: my way 1

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[Legacy] Toggle buttons: my way 1

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Original post by: A Petrovic

Hi everybody. After reading many threads I found away to make the images work as in the game.
I like to play flight sims and I find this app a must but some functions on the gane do not show as correctly on the screen as I think they should. I mean, for example, the "Gear lever", stays in one position, whatever the "ingame position" is ans so on...
The ideas is: when I push the button for the landing gear, I's like to have the image reflects the action. For this I have to solutions:

1 Lets imagine the game has two keystrokes for the undercarriage: one for lower the landing gear and other for raising the landing gear.
For this option I do the following.

a Create your 2 button images with the images of the lever up and lever down. Let's call them "lever_down.png" and "lever_up.png"

b Create a Label (not a hotkey, a label) called "gear_lever" (or whatever you like). Place it on the layout and bind it to the image of the lever on the lower position.

c Create two hotkeys with "feedback option checked". One will be for "lever up" and the other for "lever down" action. We will call them "Lever_up" and "Lever_down". In one called "gear down", select "Set data" and in the script window write the following (without the " at the beggining and the end))

" Send, g
return, "gear_lever^[@]BMSButtons/lever_down.png"
return "

Where "g" would be the keystroke assigned to lowering gear and

are: the name of the Label, the button pack and the button's image name.

Do the same with the "lever up" hotkey, but change the names and keystroke accordingly to their functions.

d Create a button as a "gesture pad", name it whatever suits your needs (for example "Lever") and place it OVER the Label made before (see the b section). Bind it to the "hotspot" image and adjust the size as needed.

e Select this Gesture Pad button, hit the "set data" button and assign the movement as requested:

Let's do it for one of them:

Select the "Lever_up" button.
Click on "set data".
On the window that opens, check the "swipe up "option.
Click on "action" and assign the device and the "Lever_up" button".
Click "ok" or "update" or whatever means "accept"

Do similar for the other button, but accordingly to the needs.

That's it!. Now, if you swipe up over the image of the lever, the image will change to the lever up position and in the game the gear will raise. If you swipe down, the lever will show the "lever down" position and in the game the gear will lower (assuming you did well changing the names and keystrokes).

One thing left: There will not be any synchronisation between the image and the game itself. I mean. The image will not respond to the status of the lever in the game, but to the swiping in the Ipad. to synchronize ( :roll:) them, pause the game, swipe the hotkey until the image and the ingame status of the lever meet and unpause. From now on, the game and the Ipad should look correctly.

In the next post I will explain how to set a hotkey button to change the image if there is a single key stroke ( tipically the "g" key).

Cheers and have a nice day.

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